• Exams: General, Breast, Pelvic (includes Pap smear)

  • Hormone imbalance related problems: irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, low libido, lack of menstruation, painful menstruation, menstrual migraines, irritation, nervousness, anxiety, depression

  • Treatment of premenopausal and menopausal symptoms

  • Birth Control options: birth control pills, transdermal patch, vaginal ring, IUD, spermicidals.

  • Fertility issues: fertility work up for males and females ( including hormonal evaluation, ultrasound, ovulation check, semen analysis, and fertility awareness education)

  • Confidential screening and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, Genital warts)

  • Treatment of postpartum depression (depression that occurs soon after having a baby)

  • Ultrasounds: Breast, Pelvic, Obstetrical (prenatal, first trimester only)

  • Rapid medically supervised weight loss for women.

  • Preventive services: screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Infertility screening


Pregnancy is a very exciting and special time in a woman's life. However, it can also be overwhelming financially especially if you do not have health insurance. That is why VIP Medical Center is pleased to offer a first trimester screening package. Our package includes all the necessary blood and urine testing, PAP smear, and ultrasound. We will also provide pregnancy counseling. You can then take your results to your favorite OB/GYN or get a referral to one of our best Doctors.

Our $299 Special for a complete prenatal care package includes a visit with Doctor Gen Rozenblat, D.O., complete blood work, PAP smear and ultrasound.


Are you having trouble getting pregnant or just would like to know your fertility status? While there are many causes of infertility and occasionally an exact cause cannot be found, VIP Medical Center offers an infertility package which includes a consultation with Dr. Gen Rozenblat, D.O., blood work, basic hormone testing, STD screening, PAP smear and ultrasound. We will also provide referrals for any further testing or specialist evaluation as needed. Testing for male infertility is available as well.